Barista Guild Asia is proud to present to you our Coffee Cupping Series Workshop held twice weekly that is opened to Everyone!

Every workshop will feature new learning objectives such as
• Differences based on Coffee Varietals.
• Roasting Profile and Cup Quality.
• Regional differences in Coffee – South America, Central, East Africa, South East Asia, Far East and others.
• Cupping Protocol and Process.
• Learning to spot defects in coffee.
• Coffee Processing methods and taste profiles.
• Comparisons and Contrasts on : Acidity, Body, Sweetness, Clarity and more.
• Every week will be a different learning objective.

All these amazing coffees will are sponsored by local Roasters and Distributors.
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Entrance Fees: RM35/person ( BGA Alumni)
                         RM50/person ( Non Alumni)
The registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

You may make payment via Direct Deposit or Online Transfer to:
Maybank Account Number: 5124 9113 5563
Once you have made the payment, please send a copy of your transaction record to finance@bga.com.my ,
(cc: handychoo.bga@gmail.com) together with your full name and payment made for the selected workshop. *

**Disclaimer: All payment made is transferrable but non-refundable.

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